PS4 HDMI Port Is Not Working

If your PS4 HDMI port is not working and you get no picture on the TV via HDMI there are one of two problems with your PS4 console.

Either the HDMI port itself is faulty or the HDMI IC on the main board has blown. If any of these two components are damaged they will need to be replaced.

You can bring or send your PS4 console to us to get any of the two replaced.

If your PS4 HDMI port is not working and you would like to pin point if it’s the HDMI port itself or the HDMI IC, have a look inside the HDMI port itself.

PS4 HDMI Port Is Not Working Problem Pics

From the pictures above you will see a few ports that have been damaged. If you see any pins or damage inside the HDMI port, it will need to be replaced.

PS4 HDMI Port Is Not Working Replacement PicsThis picture shows you what the HDMI port looks like from the bottom where the pins need to be soldered back to the main board.

Can it be done by yourself, I’m sure it can be. It might take a lot of practice and a few HDMI ports later, and you will need some special equipment too.

Rather not risk it and let us just do it for you.

We have had a few botched HDMI repairs come to us already since the PS4 was launched, the main risk it pulling of the pads on the main board itself trying to get it off.

I need to mention that all the botched repairs we have received also came from other repairers claiming they can replace and HDMI port on a PS4 console!

Please whatever you do, make sure to type in the repair companies name in Google and see how many Google Reviews they have and what people are saying about the company.

If they have anything under 10 reviews, don’t even chance it. This could be friends or family just leaving reviews for them, a botched repair can cost you a complete PS4.


PS4 HDMI Port Is Not Working, Because of an HDMI IC Problem.

PS4 HDMI Port Is Not Working ICIf you not seeing any damage inside the HDMI port itself and all the pins look straight, the next problem it might be is the HDMI IC itself.

This is what the HDMI looks like, this is definitely not the type of repair you want to try yourself if you don’t have the equipment to do so, and please don’t let just any company claiming they can do this repair do it either.

Make sure you check them out properly and make sure they have been doing gaming repairs for a few years now and have lots of good reviews too.

If the HDMI port looks good and you still not getting any picture via HDMI to your TV, and you just have a white light across the top of the PS4 then there is a good chance that the HDMI IC is damaged and needs to be replaced.

If your PS4 HDMI port is not working, click on the free estimate button below and get an estimate on the costs to repair it.

This will give you an estimate of how much you can budget to get the repair done by us professionally.

If your PS4 is still under the 1 year warranty and you would like to get it swapped out for a refurbished one via the warranty agents, visit the PartServ website for more info.

Please take note that they don’t repair consoles, they do swap outs with refurbished ones only, you will also only get a 3 month warranty on the refurbished one they give you.

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