PS3 Repair Done Fast And Professional

Your PS3 repair can be done by us on all PS3 models, from the PS3 Original or Fat to the PS3 Slim and the PS3 Super Slim model.

We can collect and deliver your PS3 repair from your home or work address and deliver it back to you again after the repair.

Once you have filled in the estimate for your PS3 repair, we will send you a free estimate. In the estimate there will be a link where you can get your PS3 collected directly from you.

The collection and delivery services are for anywhere in South Africa, you don’t need to be close to us.

We repair the following problems on PS3 consoles:

  • Not reading games or discs.
  • Coming on and going off within a few seconds.
  • No power at all just dead.
  • Not taking or ejecting discs.
  • Software problems.
  • Hard Drive faulty.
  • Hangs in game or main menu.
  • And much, much more.

We still bring in parts to repair the older fat PS3 consoles and the Slim and the Super Slim PS3.

We import our own parts making it more affordable for you when you do repairs through us.

All our parts come with a standard warranty, and we keep 98% of the parts in-stock so we can do your PS3 repair quickly and professionally.

If you have a PS3 repair gaming repair and it’s still within its 1-year warranty from when you bought it on your receipt, please contact the warranty agents to get it repaired under warranty.

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