Get Your PS3 To Read Games Again

This is how to get your PS3 to read games again, here are some of the things you can try to see if you can get it working again yourself.

To get your PS3 to read games again, the first thing you need to do is to make sure it’s all your games and not just one or two PS3 games that aren’t working only.

The reason we take a look at this first is to see if it might not just be the game or the disc that you trying that might be the problem.

How To Check Your Disc Or Games For Damage

You have two sides on you disc, the side that has the picture on it, this is the top side of the disc, and then you have the bottom side of the disc that faces down when you put the disc into your PS3 console.

If you hold the disc up to the light and look through the bottom side of the disc carefully and you can see places that look like scratches or even little holes, this is a problem with the disc itself and the data could be damaged.

What many people don’t realize is that the data on the disc that the PS3 reads is actually under the picture side of the disc itself. So if the top or picture side of the disc gets damaged in anyway, then the disc itself will not work or hang in certain places.

Top of a disc where you can see a picture or writing.

Bottom side of a disc where it is shiny and looks like a mirror.

What Not To Do, To Get Your PS3 To Read Games Again

Don’t use a cleaner that you put into the CD/DVD drive to clean the drive or the laser. You will see that the cleaning disc that comes in the kit has little brushes on it.

These little brushes get stuck or caught in the laser and cases further damage to the laser that reads the discs itself.

The kit also comes with a solution or cleaning liquid that you put on the little brushes to clean the laser or drive. This cleaning liquid is to strong and eats the top of the laser and damages the laser completely.

If It’s Not Your Games or Discs.

If your games or discs are not the problem and the PS3 gives the same problem with all your games or discs. Then there is a good chance it’s the laser itself that will need to be replaced.

To get a free estimate to replace the laser click on the button below.

Any gaming consoles lasers only last between 3 and 5 years, there have been times where we had to replace them sooner than that, but this is because the PS3 get used very often, or the PS3 hasn’t been for it’s yearly service intervals.

This is where we will need to help you get your PS3 to read games again. We will need to replace the laser itself, after that your PS3 will be good as new again.

When you send your PS3 to us to replace the laser for you, we will also give the PS3 a good clean out to get rid of all the dust. 

If you don’t clean all the dust out of your PS3 console on a yearly basis you will end up having more problems down the line.

If you have a gaming repair and it’s still within its 1-year warranty from when you bought it on your receipt, please contact the warranty agents to get it repaired under warranty.

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