Gaming Repair Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Sorry we don’t repair controllers or accessories, we only repair the consoles themselves.

It’s too costly to repair them, if you want to fix them yourself, please look on Google where you can import your own parts.

If you come to us directly, 90% of the repairs can take and hour.

In some cases repairs can take longer depending on the problem.

If you sending your repairs to us, please factor in the collection and delivery time.

Also remember that the longer you take to accept the official estimate we send you the longer it will take.

Also the longer you take to make payment the longer it will take too.

Yes you will get a 3 month warranty on the parts we use and workmanship.

The warranty covers any defective parts.

If you come to us directly, you can make payment via card or cash.

If we collect from you, you will need to do a bank transfer.

Please remember that if you do a bank transfer we will need to wait for the payment to clear on our side.

For sure, we love meeting our customer in person.

Simply go to our contact us page to find our address and business hours.

Yes if we collect your console and it can be repaired and you do go ahead with the repair, we don’t charge you anything.

If you don’t go ahead or the console can’t be repaired then we charge for collection and delivery.

The only reason is because we use a courier company to do all our collection across South Africa.

Because we use a courier company to do our collections and deliveries, you will need to package it in a box with some good packaging inside like bubble wrap or even crumpled up news paper.

The best is to create a cushion around the console in the box all around it so it cannot be damaged.

We have been using “The Courier Guy”now since 2011 and haven’t had any damaged consoles delivered to us.

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